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Connecting Your Line of Business (LOB) Applications

Line of Business (LOB) commonly refers to a set of critical applications that run an enterprise. When working through the layers of disconnected information silos in an organization for effective workflow, being able to connect key foundational systems can become a critical stumbling block for creating true revenue cycle improvements.

RCMS solutions provide a single platform to normalize and standardize data for integration to existing LOB applications and external partners critical to the revenue cycle. Standardized data provides for a complete solution in aggregated environments, with a higher degree of data accuracy in complex, multi-vendor conditions.

LOB Integration Benefits

  • Systems integration experience with healthcare delivery networks
  • Ability to connect with disparate data sources
  • Customized scorecards for each revenue cycle area
  • Accelerated decision making with real-time data visualization
  • Denials scorecard by payers, physicians, business units and locations
  • Analytic data available from desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Ability to share scorecards with all department managers
  • Options for self-serve reporting & dashboard manipulation

Contact RCMS

RCMS can help Hospital Systems, IDNs and Practice Groups to leverage and enhance their existing core business systems. By identifying negative trends and inconsistencies across multiple sources of rev cycle information, we can help to develop changes and/or make corrections to current technology and processes. Contact RCMS today about maximizing the power of your business intelligence.

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