Line of Business Applications: Connecting to Your Existing Core LOB Investments

The Claims Management, Practice Management and Billing System is the backbone of being able to manage and measure the financial health of an organization.  Since significant effort, training and investment into these core applications has taken place, it is critical to minimize disruption to them.

RCMS solutions provide a single platform to normalize and standardize data for integration to existing Line of Business (LOB) applications and external partners critical to the revenue cycle.

The RCMS Advantage

  • Clients can maintain existing LOB Systems (EMR, PMS, AR/Billing, Clearinghouses & Banks)
  • Receive ERA files for all payors/providers, including those that only provide paper
  • Normalize 835 & 837 data across payors and providers
  • Ability to support system specific data requirements
  • Provide other solution offerings to augment functionality: such as Denial Management, Payment Rate Verification, AR Worklists, Appeals and Grievances, etc.
  • Integration history with over 40 Claims and Practice Management systems, including home-grown systems

Contact RCMS to learn how we can improve your revenue cycle while maintaining your existing Line of Business applications.