Artificial Intelligence (AI): Machine Learning Technology for Advanced Data Processing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides the ability to read and react to a surplus of disconnected data with exceptional efficiencies that humans are unable to achieve. Combined with machine learning capabilities, AI programming technology can be used to enhance and streamline many of today’s revenue cycle challenges.

For claims and billing applications, AI can deliver greater processing speed and consistency that delivers permanent revenue cycle improvements. High volume, redundant manual tasks being performed every day can often be automated, modernizing systems and processes that result in true RCM reform. With our Systems Integration capabilities connecting disparate information silos, RCMS can develop a practical implementation plan that brings measurable AI solutions to your specific business process needs.  

RCMS can help to identify the root causes of inefficiencies causing loss of revenue. Our AI technology solutions deliver permanent improvements to error-prone and inefficient areas of the business office.

Using AI for Permanent Revenue Cycle Improvements

  • Replace manual, error-prone tasks with automated processes
  • Detect coding issues and missed information
  • Predict claims that will be denied before being submitted
  • Lower administration costs in handling documentation requests
  • Identification of root causes to create process changes
  • Automated alerts for corrections and missing information
  • Automatically update patient benefit and deductible information
  • Allow staff to focus on higher-value tasks and assignments

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