ReSolve® Bank Reconciliation

RCMS ReSolve® Delivers Automated Workflow Processes with End-to-End Bank Reconciliation, Confirming Funds Have Been Recorded to the Host Billing System

Bank Reconciliation for Providers

ReSolve® Bank Reconciliation turns payment reconciliation into an exception-centric workflow and automates any items that do not require human intervention. We provide end-to-end reconciliation from bank deposits to the payment application and into the host billing system. We start with ensuring remittances are not applied to the billing system until corresponding funds have been deposited to your bank account, and end with reporting that confirms all funds have been recorded in the billing system, including their respective General Ledger entries. A highly configurable User Interface gives staff the ability to select their reconciliation work criteria. Complete audit controls are maintained throughout the entire reconciliation process.

RCMS ReSolve® provides end-to-end reconciliation from bank deposits to the payment application and into the host billing system — while deploying tighter audit controls across your entire revenue cycle.

Since our Bank Reconciliation solution and workflow manager acts as a common interface to all the systems within your revenue cycle, electronic batch prep can come to the forefront. Our solution creates barcoded electronic batch cover sheets, allowing for the manual entry of cash receipt journal information. We also provide for automated deposit imports. All data, regardless of how it is captured, is available to be automatically matched through a GUI-based reconciliation interface.

ReSolve® Bank Reconciliation Benefits

  • Streamlines and automates batch control processes
  • Automates the capture of electronic deposits received from financial institutions
  • Allows for 3-way reconciliation among bank, RCM and host system(s)
  • Achieves true exceptions-based processing
  • Tracking and reconciliation of cash much faster and more complete
  • Improves EOB throughput at scan stations for enhanced productivity
  • User interface seamlessly ties together payment processing application and host billing system
  • Enables tighter audit controls across the entire revenue cycle

ReSolve® Healthcare Provider RCM Solutions:

Patient Access | Correspondence Management | A/R Collections | Payment Processing | Bank Reconciliation | Denial Management | Reporting & Analytics

ECM for Bank/Treasury Reconciliation

RCMS provides for hosted or on-site Enterprise Content Management (ECM) that provides staff with quick access to indexed, searchable documents in all formats. Contact RCMS to learn more about our ECM Document Management Solutions that can help to improve Bank Reconciliation for your Health System, Hospital or Practice Group.