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Implementing ECM, AI & RPA Technology for Automated Document Capture and Workflow Efficiency

For many large companies, unstructured documentation is often the root cause of inefficient, manual processes and misplaced documents. RCMS solutions, integrated with Hyland’s OnBase Platform, allows for the combined use of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics Process Automation (RPA). By capturing, indexing and classifying all of your documents and electronic files in a single database, we can organize and provide those files throughout your department, division, or worldwide network. With automated workflow, integrated to other Line of Business (LOB) applications, these solutions further increase staff efficiency, reduce and/or eliminate the need for human intervention, improve customer service, and modernize your business.

Common RCMS & ECM Solution Benefits

  • Hyland recognized as a Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ and KLAS Category Leader
  • Provides for streamlined processes and group coordination
  • Workflow and work-listing tools tailored to your business needs
  • Repetitive, time-consuming tasks become automated
  • Improved customer service and customer experience (CX)
  • Integration with other foundational and LOB systems
  • OCR/ICR technology available to automate data capture and routing processes
  • Facilitates governance and regulatory compliance, with audit trails
  • User access to documents and applications controlled by management
  • Provides for work-at-home and hybrid worker agreements
  • Scalable to business expansion
  • Reduced paper storage and filing requirements
  • Environmentally friendly with less paper usage

Financial Services

From loan documents and fintech applications to managing asset and investment portfolios, RCMS can reduce manual, paper-based efforts while simplifying business processes. With our capture and workflow solutions, documents can be categorized and directed to a specific work group, worklist, and many other tailored options.


RCMS healthcare solutions automate workflow processes throughout the business office while improving data integrity, payment posting and reporting capabilities. From remittance processing to bank reconciliation, our ReSolve™ A/R Management Platform facilitates items being entered from multiple EMR/PM Systems to a single receiver and Tax ID/EIN.


From AI-assisted claims reports and mortgage underwriting to managing policy terms & contracts, the insurance sector is a prime candidate for ECM and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). In addition to customer service and operations teams, departments such as human resources and accounting can benefit greatly from having access to relevant documents and electronic files in an efficient, feature-rich web portal.


Manufacturing companies of all sizes rely heavily on engineering data, shipping & receiving information, invoices, material safety data sheets (MSDS), human resource documents, training materials and assembly instructions. With ECM solutions, connected to other Line of Business (LOB) applications, every department in the organization can benefit from having modernized records and workflow processes.

Other Industries

For most large companies, organizing and storing all their documents requires a significant amount of time and resources. The right technology, however, can provide the means to efficiently capture, categorize and index every document in a cost-effective manner. In just about every document-intensive business, the use of AI & RPA enhancements to ECM can provide significant time-saving benefits.

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RCMS can provide your entire staff with quick access to indexed, searchable documents and electronic files in all formats. Let’s talk about modernizing your business and the benefits of ECM combined with AI & RPA technology. Contact RCMS to arrange for a discovery call with our document management and workflow automation team.