Increase Productivity, Reduce Cost & Minimize Risk

Transform your hospital or practice group’s patient financial services with better management of the way image content, workflow processes and data is used throughout your organization – all on a single platform. Reduce, even eliminate, wasteful, redundant work tasks to spend your time on the things that really matter.

Whether you’re implementing a departmental solution or deploying software applications across an enterprise, RCMS can help you to gain operational efficiencies and increase revenue. Visit ReSolve® A/R Management Platform for more details.

Business Process Consulting and Systems Integration

RCMS provides end-to-end business process consulting to identify revenue cycle areas in need of improvement and to create measurable ROI. Through the use of software technology and workflow automation, we eliminate wasteful, manual work tasks that maximize your workforce – while integrating with core business systems. We focus on strategy, operations and analysis, with expertise in the business office, revenue cycle management, and HIS integration. Contact RCMS to unlock the financial performance of your organization while improving the availability of patient, provider, and payor information.

Data & Document Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions are customized to work with your core applications and deliver significant time-saving improvements throughout the organization. ECM saves considerable effort with managing data, storing and retrieving documents and much more. RCMS utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to classify and index all of your paper or electronic information, applying automated processes for just about any type of application. With 360-degree access to your information, RCMS can then provide real-time scorecards for departmental KPIs and detailed analysis of your entire operation across all divisions.

RCMS Key Drivers

Acquire diverse information to provide organized access to critical business records, regardless of format.

Unify disparate systems and software applications to improve information flow and automate redundant processes.

Streamline operational efficiencies with technology and best practices to deliver sustainable financial results.

About RCMS

​The senior staff at RCMS have over 150 years of combined experience in healthcare finance, accounting, consulting and product development.  For the last 25 years, they have worked with some of the nation’s largest healthcare systems designing and implementing business process management and workflow solutions within the healthcare revenue cycle. Their work includes integrating with multiple healthcare financial management systems and multiple silos of disparate information to automate and improve data aggregation. Visit our ReSolve® Revenue Cycle Management Solutions page for additional information.

​Today, RCMS brings this proven experience to healthcare delivery organizations and customers in other market segments to re-imagine processes that affect financial performance and the ability to connect disparate systems. Located near Cleveland, Ohio, the RCMS product team utilizes its workflow design expertise to help customers lower costs, improve productivity and achieve significant Return on Investment (ROI).

With a growing number of successful implementations, RCMS utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) to deliver automated decision making technology that reduces and/or eliminates inefficient manual processes.  

Our service bureau sister company and ReSolve® client, ReMedics LLC, delivers fully integrated revenue cycle services that lower operational costs and increase staff productivity. With the use of workflow automation technology, ReMedics can redefine how your remittance processing, data validation, bank reconciliation and funds distribution are managed. Visit ReMedics Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or contact RCMS for details.

Where manual work tasks can be automated and data integrity can be improved, these combined services and technology solutions generate opportunities to produce substantial cost savings for organizations of all sizes.