ReSolve® Reporting & Data Analytics

RCMS ReSolve® Unlocks the Potential of Analyzing Revenue Cycle Processes by Capturing All Claims, Payments and Bank Reconciliation Data — with Real-Time Scorecards

Revenue Cycle Reporting & Analytics

RCMS ReSolve® Reporting & Data Analytics unlocks the potential of your extensive data, generated as a result of revenue cycle processes and workflows. Our solutions help you to visualize and analyze real-time data with reporting tools that minimize the need for IT support. By providing reporting, drill-down data analytics, pivot charts and scorecards, managers and executives can quickly identify hidden trends, isolate problem areas and ensure that they have an up-to-the-minute view of their revenue cycle operations.

The ReSolve® reporting interface includes a report builder with filters and data selection criteria that allow for customized report building. Authorized users can create or tailor their own reports without IT involvement. With a ‘drag and drop’ interface for creating reports, managers can dynamically see report layouts as they’re created.

With reliable reporting and data analysis tools, clients can quickly determine how well they are aligned with financial and strategic objectives.

ReSolve® Reporting & Data Analytics Benefits

  • Automated reporting processes – eliminating separate department spreadsheets
  • Quickly analyze KPIs with the greatest impact to the revenue cycle
  • Access to real-time, accurate data that drives more revenue opportunities
  • Roll up data across the organization for organizations with multiple facilities or tax IDs
  • Two-dimensional reporting includes trending and comparative analysis
  • Reporting scorecards for payors, departments and users
  • Cash forecasting capabilities to look at history and future cash flow
  • Executive level snapshots of multiple reports in a single dashboard
  • Report scheduling and distribution options for sharing data

ReSolve® Healthcare Provider RCM Solutions:

Patient Access | Correspondence Management | A/R Collections | Payment Processing | Bank Reconciliation | Denial Management | Reporting & Analytics

ECM for Reporting & Data Analytics

RCMS provides for hosted or on-site Enterprise Content Management (ECM) that provides staff with quick access to indexed, searchable documents in all formats. Contact RCMS to learn more about our ECM Document Management Solutions that can help to improve Revenue Cycle Reporting & Data Analytics for your Health System, Hospital or Practice Group.