Systems Integration: Connecting Disparate Information Silos and Applications

Ensuring the smooth flow of claims from the Provider to the Payor, as well as funds from the Payor back to each Hospital or Practice Group, requires several different supporting organizations to receive and share information. RCMS is able to integrate deeply with each of these key solution providers, resulting in a complete solution for aggregated environments – providing the highest quality and accuracy of data for complex, multi-vendor conditions.

RCMS Delivers Enhanced Workflow Automation through Systems Integration to Existing Core Business Investments

The RCMS Systems Integration Advantage

  • Enhanced solutions integrated to existing platforms and applications
  • Proprietary development tools assist with creating future integrations
  • Robotics Process Automation (RPA) for improved accuracy, data security and real-time integration
  • Access to top notch programming and application support teams
  • Customized processing solutions connecting disparate systems
  • Custom user interfaces to client-specific requirements
  • Reduced time spent on repetitive actions and manual data entry
  • Provides all-encompassing decision support and analysis of KPIs

RCMS systems integration experience allows us to specialize in the capture and conversion of all data types from disconnected information silos. This allows us to leverage the most current RPA and AI technologies, as well as utilize all the information being generated or received to improve data accuracy and workflow processes.

Contact Us today to learn more about integrating your systems for cost-saving solutions and connecting disparate information silos. We also provide Business Process Consulting Services that can identify specific areas of need for data integrity and/or process improvements that will deliver a measurable return on investment.