Healthcare Bank Treasury Reconciliation

Enterprise-Level Reconciliation from Payment Posting to Bank Deposits

Providing end-to-end reconciliation, from payment posting to bank deposits, ReSolve® Treasury Workstation turns your lockbox payment data into an exception-centric workflow that automates the matching and reconciliation of all posted and distributed remittances back to their associated lockbox deposits, without the need of third-party spreadsheets or manual re-entry of data.

ReSolve® Treasury Workstation automates the capture of electronic deposits received from your bank’s Banking Association Institute (BAI) data to create the source record for enterprise-level reconciliation. This includes multi-system environments in a centralized business office with two or more EHR/EMR billing systems.

With batch tracking and artificial intelligence (AI), all data is divided into four (4) areas: Bank Deposits; Treasury or Cash Journal; RCMS’ ReSolve® Payment Distribution; and the Host Billing System(s) for payment disbursements. The Cash Journal displays the Finance Department’s batching process for all deposits. The RCMS user interface displays the batches as posted in its Payment Processing system, and the Host Billing System displays batches as distributed to each unique billing system.

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