CBO Multiple Billing System Environments

Reducing Manual Work in CBO Multiple Billing System Environments

As systems integrators, RCMS can connect to multiple Healthcare Information Systems (HIS), in addition to those of our business partners. This includes multiple billing systems for the processing and posting of payments in a Central Business Office (CBO). With this connectivity in place, data-driven decision making can be automated, increasing the accuracy of information being processed – while reducing manual efforts for information capture, image capture, data entry, routing, and verification.

For RCMS clients with multiple EMRs and billing applications, the RCMS ReSolve® A/R Management Platform provides the means to consolidate resources and improve business office processes – without having to eliminate hard to displace, vested systems. ReSolve® is complimentary to existing billings systems, also known as ‘host systems’, and other disparate software technology.

In many cases, ReSolve™ is utilized in complex, multiple billing system environments specifically because of its ability to act as a common front-end interface for the posting of payments.

Central Business Office Keys to Success

  • Streamlined data capture from all systems, banks and clearinghouses
  • Improved processes with data-driven decision making technology
  • Reduced manual efforts with data validation, reconciliation and payment posting
  • Enhanced billing system functionality – at less cost than to upgrade or replace
  • Connected inter-related systems with proprietary custom interfaces
  • Allow for the sharing of information across multiple departments
  • Avoid missing data & incomplete claims, preventing denials
  • Automated payment posting and follow-up worklists
  • Integration & support for OnBase ECM document imaging
  • Detailed management reporting & real-time analysis
  • General ledger (GL) integration capabilities
  • Increased net collections & reduced risk of non-payment
  • Reduced or eliminated click-fee based expenses
  • Long term strategies for the consolidation of resources

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RCMS and ReSolve® will substantially improve key areas of need in your business office. With our ‘bolt-on’ technology enhancing and integrating your systems, key revenue cycle management objectives, from beginning to end, can be systematically targeted and achieved. Revenue Cycle BPO Services by our sister-company, ReMedics LLC, can also augment our software solutions and provide a long-term continuation of our business partnership.

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