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Maintaining A/R Management Processes In Migrating to a New System

Depending on the EMR systems and other purpose-built applications being used, a “rip and replace” migration strategy that dramatically changes A/R management and financial reporting processes can significantly effect revenue and collection cycles essential to a steady cash flow.

RCMS’ proprietary technology and systems integration experience allow us to specialize in the capture and conversion of all data types from disconnected information silos. By utilizing our ReSolve® A/R Management Platform that is designed to be a system agnostic front-end solution, we can leverage the most current RPA and AI technologies to optimize all the revenue cycle information being generated or received.

By integrating with the host billing systems, practice management systems, enterprise content management (ECM), and other line of business (LOB) applications, RCMS can improve data accuracy and automate workflows to significantly enhance your cash management and revenue cycle processes. This also provides for a more strategic and successful migration – with minimal disruption to cash flow.

Please visit our Systems Integration page for additional information.

Keys to Maintaining A/R Processes

  • Integration with host billing systems
  • Use best available capture solutions
  • Same day processing of today’s receipts
  • Capture all adjudication data
  • Automate separation of remittance data
  • Use data validation rules to cleanse, scrub and normalize payment data
  • Provide reconciliation from bank deposit through billing system to general ledger (GL)
  • Performance monitoring metrics by payor/user

Working with RCMS

At RCMS, we are experienced in working with most every major EHR/EMR, Clearinghouse and PM system. We utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics Process Automation (RBA) in order to enhance and automate workflow for a wide variety of medical claims and billing processes. Our solutions, featuring the ReSolve™ A/R Management Platform, provide business process improvements in all areas of the revenue cycle. Contact RCMS about helping to develop a systems migration strategy for your organization.

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